An electronic gift card is at a way how you can send credit as a gift to some one to their birthday or even as a Christmas present, which is simply by selecting the product. Choose your design, enter within a single amount, place the delivery date, fill in the rest for the receiver into account and email, and maybe an optional message. The receiver will get a 16 digit code; they also could utilize the credits and apply to your gift card.

If the product is less than the gift card value, the total amount will remain on both sides and put it to use at a subsequent stage. The way that you put up this up in Yith is simply by simply going to the admin panel, go to the product, add new and also for that reason you personally and set up a virtual gift card. In an item data, choose a giftcard and also add virtual; you can predefine a sum. These settings have regarding settings that are global. In YITH, you can produce the giftcard look amazing.

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You can create a brand new category, upload some graphics, type them into that new category, and select that in the actual product to receive uploaded. It is very easy; you can add and generate a digital gift card from YITH. You may eventually see a major collection of this gift card that has been bought with the out standing balance while within the dashboard. You can then send the email again if there is a concern or down load a pdf. From the typical setting, you certainly can certainly do things like changing the date, format of this gift card code and set up different strings to get other settings.