This four-year Bachelor’s application is intended to provide students with a wide understanding of significant communication theories. It’s but one of MKU courses that combine realistic verbal and negotiating abilities with different communicative professions and fields to prepare students for the new, overseas workplace. This program, which may be obtained on-campus, or digitally, discusses main aspects using an interdisciplinary methodology. New networking, news, public affairs, picture management, advertisement, and promotion are also part of that. In today’s technology-dominated urban planet, mass media and networking is a relatively new research discipline. It has become the most important, thrilling, and influential subjects possible.

This is one of the excellent MKU courses that goal to bridge the divide in Kenya and the world. The training course is designed for graduates of an O-level or even A-level who opt to work in insurance companies, pension branches of different businesses, banks, and other investment firms. Stakeholders agree the marketing programs are available in the curriculum to make it more user-friendly. The program’s mission is to deliver a credential application that addresses the increasing need for supervisors. The program offers quantitative history in areas such as life savings, medical insurance, and sales analysis. Since completing the program, graduates would offer high quality actuarial science instruction both domestically and abroad.

Mount Kenya University’s objective is to offer education that’s of world-class quality, In the last four years, Kenya’s school industry has experienced significant improvements due to contemporary science and technology advancement, The reforms have influenced most courses of research which are driven by business requirements, Companies tend to be interested in the kinds of graduates Kenyan universities create, consequently, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology program has been created to cover the issues and needs impacting Kenya’s employment market, It is but one of the MKU courses intended to resolve the nation’s, Africa’s, and the planet’s scarcity of highly qualified employees.

This course prepares learners to be answerable in various professional contexts, such as instruction, analyzing, and developing primary dispute and peace policies. It is among those MKU courses that give pupils a fantastic foundation for innovative research in peace and conflict resolution or related disciplines. It prepares students to work as teachers, researchers, and policymakers in battle and peace-related fields. Additionally, it encourages students to develop an extensive understanding of the various aspects of confrontation and equilibrium. This course aims to train students to contribute to the rise of just, equal, and calm conditions.